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Serial + WiFi + BT for iPad Air / Mini 2 / Mini 3 (Not Unlock Service)


Working on Business days only   

This is the icloud unlocking by hardware method for ipad ! 

1.If your device is a cellular version ( 4g - lte ) ,  You need to cut off the gsm baseband to make it be the wifi only . 

2.  Dismantle the  IC Nand Flash and using box edit write new Full set serial by ( Navi pro -IPbox .WL...ect)

3.Restore your divice , activate it with itunes

4. Enjoy your iDevice

Subimit your models > iPad 23456 Air pro or ipad mini 1234  or your CPU / A5 A6 A7 OR A8 A9 A10

i will reply correct SN+WIFI+BT address:




This not unlock service.

We will give you new serial with BT and WiFi address to unlock your ipad by hardware.


1-12 Hours

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